terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

I Just Don´t Know

I know she is in
as in as any one could be
But, what´s in-side her?
I just don´t now

Better say she is on
but the line is wide
and what is she?
I just don´t know

I know she is strong
More strong than many guys could be
but what does she want?
I just don´t know.

I know she loves the world
I bet of hating she isn´t free
But what does she fear?
I just don´t know.

I know her life is open
its plentyness is widely known
but what does she hide
I just don´t know

And, after all,
what is the big deal
in not knowing things
when we are a world of unknowns?

Abril de 2011